Washington Oaks State Park Fine Art Photography – I love art that is right under our nose. Did you know that that this State Park is right around the corner from Fleming Island, Florida? It is only an hour’s drive. Washington Oaks State Park is just south of St. Augustine near Marineland, Florida. It’s our own personal rocky beach. Technically it’s coquina rock. Coquina rock was used to make many of the historic building in St. Augustine, Florida.


Washington Oaks State Park Fine Art Photography is one of my main obsessions. I drive there as often as I can. When I go to this rocky beach in Florida I try to spend as much time as possible. I can walk for miles when I’m not carrying too much equipment. When the tide is high the waves crash into and over many of the rocks creating dramatic portraits.


Beach Weather Madness


I look for bad weather or clearing bad weather before heading to the beach. This can give me the most wonderful photography day or the most dull and dreary photography day. Of course no matter what I always walk away with more Washington Oaks State Park fine art photography to add to my portfolio. This day back in 2010 was no different.

Washington Oaks State Park Fine Art Photography

Chris Moore gets a little more of Washington Oaks State Park than he bargained for.

When I got there the cloud cover was extremely heavy. It was cold and I wasn’t the only photographer there. I met a wonderful photographer named Chris Moore. We danced in and out of each others images and worked as if we knew each before this day. I happened to capture this image of him as a wave came up and crashed into him and his equipment. If I remember correctly, Chris said he did get quite wet but all was well.


Eventually the clouds lightened up a bit and collected some of the morning suns beautiful light. I love the way it played on the color of the coquina rocks. If you would like more information about this park please visit their website at Washington Oaks State Park.


Washington Oaks State Park Fine Art Photography and More


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