Photo Restoration Middleburg Florida

Photo Restoration Middleburg Florida – Your photos are probably the most precious item outside the safety of your family and pets. If you had to evacuate from Hurricane Irma like my friends’ have done then you likely grabbed most of your photos. She did. We went inside with water to our thighs and put many of her remaining photos as high as possible because we couldn’t take them all. Once the water receded we were able to find her flood damaged photos that we didn’t see during the rising waters. They aren’t pretty. Water damage can make the photos stick together. But don’t worry because we can help.

What Should I do with Flood Damaged Photos

Photo Restoration Middleburg Florida

This is not a flood damaged photo but it’s still taken quite a bit of damage over the years.

Our first instinct is to toss these flood damaged pictures. Don’t do it! We can help with our photo restoration. Middleburg Florida is such a small town but you don’t have to go to the bigger Fleming Island or even Jacksonville areas because we’re right here. We’re separate, scan, digitally restore, and reprint your flood damaged photos. We never enhance the original water damaged picture. You don’t have to worry about further damage incurring. If you’re images are not stuck together then we can scan them while you wait and you can take your original images home with you.

Flood Damaged Photo Restoration Costs

Photo Restoration Middleburg Florida costs can vary. If you have insurance for the contents of your home then your insurance may be able to cover these costs. Basic photo restoration services begin at just $0.99 for basic color correction. More extreme editing can cost around $200 or more depending on the work involved. Prices will be quoted before work begins.

Photo Restoration Middleburg Florida – Keep it Local!

Photo Restoration Middleburg Florida

This is a fully restored and color corrected image. We can also print new copies after the restoration is completed.

Where will my original images be kept? Because we are a local business your image will never leave our premises. You can even wait while we scan some of the smaller jobs and take your images home with you. We’re located in Doctor’s Inlet near the intersection of College Rd and 220. Call us at 904-476-7019 for further information.

Want to separate them yourself? RealSimple Magazine has an article on how to separate them but heed their warning on it being risky.