Certified Professional Photographer

Certified Professional Photographer’s knowledge, experience and continuance to develop new skills and techniques sets them apart.

Orange Park Florida Family Photographer

Certified Professional Photographer – What Does It Mean?

I love being a family photographer. It’s the most amazing thing to be able to do what I love every single day right here in Orange Park, Florida. I give my best each and every portrait session and becoming and maintaining professional certification is one way that I show that dedication to you.

Certified Professional Photographers (CPP)  must pass a rigorous exam on the technical aspects of photography and have their portfolio work reviewed by Certified Professional Photographer judges.  Professional Photographers of America (PPA) deemed my work to be inline with the top quality they expect which did cause me to swoon a little. It means having my portfolio reviewed including portraits from paid clients just like you! It may sound simple but every little detail must be perfect. I had to prove I understand things like using lighting properly for each subject (who doesn’t want a family photographer that can make mom look skinnier in their photos?), color harmony, posing, and much more.

From Professional Photographers of America Website

Each candidate is required to submit a portfolio of 15 unique images. The first six must fit within the compulsory guidelines showing a standardized technical proficiency that all professional photographers, regardless of specialty, should know. These images may come directly from some of your existing work or you can create new images specifically for the submission.

The remaining nine images must each come from different photographic assignments in the last 24 months.

PPA Certification FAQ’s

How are portfolios judged?

Images and portfolios are reviewed by a panel of CPP judges. All CPP Judges are required to attend an annual judges training course before judging commences for the year. Judges are rotated per Image Submission with a panel of 5 CPP Judges per round. CPP Judges consist of CPP Liaisons, Certification Committee members and active Certifieds in the industry.

PPA Cerification FAQ’s

One of the best parts is that, not only is it a rigorous process, but I have to continually grow and learn in order to maintain my certification. Every three years, in order to re-certify,  I must submit proof of my continued learning process. At last check, Florida only has 76 CPP’s within the state. Hire a Certified Professional Photographer located right here in Orange Park, Florida and be confident with your selection.

What does that mean for you?

Hiring an Orange Park Family Photographer that is a Certified Professional Photographer means that you will be able to have confidence that I offer consistently better portraits. You will find that my composition, lighting, and even style is purposeful and gives you the most flattering and beautiful portraits. You will see that even when the unexpected situations arise I will remain in control.